Julia's Vegetarian Restaurant - Live Music - Pacific Grove, CA
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Live Music

Live Music Monday -> Thursday Evening. 

~ 6:00-8:00 pm

& Fridays 


"Music is a conversation between the player and the listener. I like to let the audience, the room, and the tone of the day effect the performance, so we are building something together. That way it's new and different every time."  - Rick Chelew

Mondays with Vincent Randazzo

Vincent Randazzo was a weekly musician at Julia's for eight months in 2016.  He played to our dining room of about 30.  Some regulars compare him to a young Bob Dylan having religiously attended the nights he played.  He has played by request for large parties on occasional weekends in addition to his weekly gig.  Our experience with Vincent has been nothing shy of professional, personal, and excellent.  He has a lot to offer between his charm, personality and expansive repertoire. When we had an opening again in our weekly schedule of five to six musicians we jumped at the chance to have Vincent play again.  With him returning we welcome his character and warmth that we all dearly missed. Whenever he's here we always get our cherished Beatles sing along's with the dining room full and everybody singing. Vincent is truly a talent that adds so much to this place, we consider him a part of the team. 

Teusdays with  Yvan Vucina

Yvan Vucina is an American/Brazilian singer songwriter and lead guitarist. Yvan’s compositions are personal and each one tells a unique story. Some songs are light and delicate and others can be somber and dark. All of his writings are stemmed from artistic intensity and channel some resemblance to artists such as Led Zeppelin, Nick Drake and Caetano Veloso. Yvan Vucina canalso be seen performing with local rock band Mental Musk.

Wednesdays with  Edward Selph

He's your weekend chef and has been with us for years.  Come support one of our own following his passions!

(bio in progress)

Thursdays with  Rick Chelew

Rick takes a fresh, original, and very musical approach to his material--whether it’s one of his own compositions, a familiar song from Dylan, The Beatles or Motown , or something more obscure from one of his British guitarist/songwriter mentors such as John Martyn, Richard Thompson, John Renbourn or Bert Jansch—Chelew makes it his own, welcoming the listener to hear it in a brand new way.

Rick has been a familiar figure on Central Coast stages for twenty years, playing with Andrea's Fault, The Cachagua Playboys, Nico Georis, Heartstrings, Keith Greeninger, The Hayboys, Northstar, and others. 

Fridays with  Buddy Comfort

Buddy Comfort, is a cosmic folk singer, heart minstrel, alchemical balladeer, songwriter, composer, performer, recording artist, and singing circle leader. He sings songs from the heart about nature, life and love.  He plays piano, keyboards, guitar, hurdy gurdy, zither, tamboura, and Native American drum. He has also performed on programs with such visionaries as Margaret Mead, Carl Rogers, Ram Das, Gerald Jampolsky, Swami Satchidananda,   Shakti Gawain, Michael Murphy, Buckminster Fuller, and Robert           Mueller.